The Modern Steakhouse: Echo & Rig

Echo & Rig Food on the Grill

Take the best aspects of steakhouses – good food, drinks, service and atmosphere – and trim the bad – dark rooms, oversized plates and expensive pricing. What you have is the blueprint for the modern steakhouse. Acclaimed chef and restaurateur Sam Marvin (best known as creator of Bottega Louie in Los Angeles) recognized this blueprint…

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The Top 6 Jewelers in Las Vegas

Piaget at the Wynn

Piaget Source: Wynn Las Vegas Georges Édouard Piaget started his career as a luxury and precision watch maker in 1874.  Today, Piaget watch designs vary in complexity and extravagance, but all have an aura of simplicity that gives them an elegant and highly refined look.  The brand Piaget has expanded its flawless craftsmanship to the creation…

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The Top 5 Luxury Communities in Las Vegas

The Ridges The Ridges sits on 800 acres of the some of the most valuable and beautiful land in Nevada.  There are ten separate subdivisions, each with a guarded gate at the entrance.  All residents have access to the elite Club Ridges that features tennis courts and swimming pools, as well as an ultramodern fitness…

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How Does The Crown Compare to Iconic Luxury Properties?

The Crown Penthouse interior

Las Vegas has always been known for making luxury more accessible than any other city in the world. Whether it’s renowned entertainment, celebrity chefs, PGA-rated golf courses or five star accommodations, luxury has greatly influenced this city. Additionally, Las Vegas’ lower cost of living ensures that one’s money will go further here than other major…

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The Las Vegas Strip’s Move to Modern Luxury

CityCenter Las Vegas

Although the economic downturn of 2008 certainly put a damper on the Las Vegas real estate and tourism markets, they are roaring back even bigger and better. In an indicator of the improving health of the city’s real estate scene, a recent report from the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors said the median sales…

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The Softer Side of Sin City

Las Vegas Panoramic View

Although Las Vegas has a reputation as an “anything goes” sort of place, that’s not all there is to the city. There are plenty of organizations around town that work tirelessly to assist people in need. Over the course of the year those groups raise millions of dollars to help make life easier for residents…

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Vegas Housing Market Strengthens as Cash Sales Dip

Matt Finn of Fox National News sat down with Randy Char, our Vice President of sales, to discuss today’s Las Vegas real estate market – Below is the full story. Watch the latest video at Article originally posted on According to a new RealtyTrac report, cash sales accounted for 50.7% of all residential…

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Reaching New Heights – A Look Back at ELEVATION

You just knew upon receiving your invitation and reading a dress code as unique as “stylishly elegant Bond theme,” that AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America) was preparing for a special evening.  The magnificent event that was hosted in a private jet hangar of all places was aptly titled ELEVATION and offered its guests…

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Neighboring Californians – Should You Make the Move to Nevada?

California may seem like a destination spot to live for many great reasons – great coastal beach line, reasonable weather year round and the possibility to see celebrities – but it pales in fiscal comparison to its neighbor to the east, Nevada. Nevada has all the glamour and weather perks as California but what it lacks in coastline it…

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